Latest Top Ten Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos are in trend nowadays and mostly the guys prefer them because it shows their toughness as they depict it. There are a lot of tattoo designs available, but here are the top ten tattoos for guys which you will definitely consider your list while viewing all the others.

Most Popular Top Ten Tattoos For Guys

  1. The Dragon

This is the design every guy would want and it is mostly on the side of the arm. It starts from the shoulder till the end of the elbow. People who get the dragon tattoo prefer to wear sleeveless shirts to show off their tattoo. You can have the colorful dragon or the black and white which looks amazing.

Dragon Tattoos For Guys

  1. Girlfriend’s Name

This one could be dangerous, but guys who love their girl sincerely get it done. Tattoo is a mark forever and if they are sure about their girl for the life, they get it done anywhere on the body. Mostly it is under the part of the chest near the abdomen. The design could be in any handwriting of your choice which would look beautiful.

Girlfriend’s Name Tattoos

  1. The Cross

Mostly the Christians get this design because they are so religious and they want the symbol on their part of the body for life. It can be small or large on the back or the front. Totally depends upon your choice and mostly it has the black and white color.

Cross Tattoo

  1. Blue Bird

This is a design of two birds facing each other. Mostly the young guys get them and they are mostly on the arm, which is considered a classic design for all times as well.

Blue Bird Tattoo

  1. The Skull

Skull is the skeletal part of the brain, which is designed on the part of the body. Most likely it is considered to be on the arms of the guys which give them a tougher and masculine look. People get scared from such design, but they having it on their arm to feel cool. It can be colorful with red or black or just the plain with the skin color in the background.

Skull Tattoos

  1. Heart with Mom

The heart with mom is considered by the guys who love their moms so sincerely. They get the design of the heart in which they have “mom” written and it looks adorable.

Heart with Mom Tattoo

  1. Nautical Star

It is being the most popular design from all tattoos because of the star shape. It looks decent and has five points to it which depict the luck for a person who has it.

Nautical Star Tattoos

  1. Tribal

Whether they guys know it or not they get the tribal designs. It has the complex patterns with curves in the endpoints. It is considered in mostly black color. They are curvy and give a bold appearance to the guys who have it on their body.

Tribal Tattoos

  1. Japanese/ Chinese Characters

The Japanese/ Chinese characters ideograms are the modern characters. Generally people do not know what it means, but just because of the fancy designs they get it on their body and mostly at the back area which is covered.

Chinese Characters Tattoos

  1. Pinup Girl

The symbol of the pinup girl needs no explanations. It is just an old school with giving the hippy look of the guy. They get it mostly on the arms to show the sexy appeal.

Guys Pin up Girl Tattoos

Guys Pin up Girl Tattoos

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