Men Tattoo Designs – Socially Acceptable Designs

Following are some men tattoo designs that are considered socially acceptable:

1. Offspring Tattoo

A tattooed portrait (or their name and date of birth) of your son or daughter is a great way to immortalize them and is a reminder you can take anywhere

Men Tattoo Designs

2. Passion/Profession Tattoos

Unless you are a professional athlete, a football signifying “sports” is unacceptable. On the other hand, a lawyer getting a small tattoo of the scales of justice on his shoulder or Pilot having a plane tattooed on the arm is socially acceptable.

passion tattoos

3. Memorial Tattoos

It’s unfortunate, these days losing your loved ones gives you free reign to ink your body with something that serves as a remembered of them as long as the tattoo shows affection for the deceased. Simple text is preferable but if you do wish to have a picture tattooed, make sure you’re going to an artist who knows his/her job well and is able to do justice with the memory of the deceased!

memorial tattoos

4. Military Tattoo

The army officers ink their bodies with military tattoos and then show-off their tattoo on different occasions. That’s new trend and quite getting popular. Hence this tattoo has got the approval of the society too.

military tattoo

5. Personal-Mantra Tattoo

Frankly, this is the one depicting your persona, what kind of guy you are hence we suggest give this quite some thought then decide on the one you think best personifies you.

personal mantra tattoo

6. Original Tattoo (A Design You Created Yourself)

When you decide to undertake the tattoo inking thing start with thinking a tattoo design by yourself as some of the best and most meaningful designs could very well be those you come up with yourself. After you’re done with the decision process, we suggest you take a second opinion from someone close to you.

original tattoo

7. Religious Tattoos

In many religions, tattoos can hold a deep importance to the specific person they are considered as a way of showing your affection to your God. Hence these days there are a lot many religious tattoos out there to grab your attention. In Hinduism, for example, there are numerous tattoo designs depicting popular gods such as Shiva, Ganesha and Kali or sacred symbols like “Om.”

religious tattoos

8. Tattoos Covering The Whole Body

There’s a trend a new trend to ink your whole back or the body with different kinds of tattoos. Pictures of flowers, hearts and cupids showing the passion for love or a woman are most popular these days.

tattoos covering the whole body

Above mentioned tattoos are those that are common and after a decade of this tattoo painting have become acceptable in the world. Yet there are a lot of horrible, unacceptable tattoos out there that the youth love to in carve on their bodies. Tattoo painting seems fun and you get so much fascinated by the colours and painting but then again it’s a very painful process to go through.

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