Top Ten Female Supermodels Tattoos

Yes, it is a fact that now these days ladies and tattoos go hand in hand, they cannot be separated now. These ladies and tattoos are in each other pockets and it has been viewed that women consider themselves incomplete when their bodies do not have tattoos on it. Though, it is merely an ink, it is just the induction of an ink spot, but when it comes to ladies, these supermodels tattoos have their own place and worth. These supermodels tattoos are the sign and indication of their personalities. You raise eyebrows whenever you see any woman having a tattoo on her body. From models to supermodels and also to new entrants, these female supermodels tattoos have now become a matter of pride. Be it the bold tattoos, be it the tattoos showing personal statements, they have now become a necessity!

Top Ten Supermodels Tattoos

Here top ten supermodels tattoos have been mentioned:

1. Adriana Lima

We have this striking Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Adriana Lima. This spectacular model has a tattoo on her feet. This tattoo has a combination of a tribal mark that has been running from her left ankle and then gets end to the middle of her foot. As you can see in the picture that at the top end of this tribal mark, we have this star! This everlasting beautiful Brazilian model can be counted as one of those models that have this remarkable design of tattoo and this tattoo design demand what, nothing less than a huge and massive appreciation.

Adriana Lima Tattoos

2. Alessandra Ambrosio 

This jaw opening Brazilian model, also being the model of Victoria’s Secret has a tattoo. This dazzling kind of tattoo is just above her left but cheek. Though this tattoo little bit kind of unusual and mysterious, but this mystery of this tattoo making it one of the top most tattoo designs. The tattoo on this beautiful Brazilian model is of a small cat that has been perched on a crescent. This gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio can be ranked as one of the top ten supermodels tattoos.

Alessandra Ambrosio

3. Kate Moss

The stunning supermodel has tattoos on her right arm, we have also seen tattoo of a heart on her palm and there is also tattoo of a star on her ankle. Wow, so this eye catching model has lots of tattoos on her body. If we talk about her famous tattoo then they are those two small swallows that have been inked on her lower back and that tattoo is without a doubt looking quite hot and sexy. The artist who did them is a well known German painter; his piece of work is usually sold at for £17.2 million. If you are ready to spend that much millions on these ink inductions, then go for these supermodels tattoos!

Kate Moss Tattoos

4. Heidi Klum

Being a supermodel, her beauty and personality does not need any words! She has inked his ex-husband’s name along with the initials of her three sons on her forearm. We came to know that this extraordinary kind of artwork was done in response to the celebration of their fourth marriage anniversary. This young 40 year old super model has removed the Seal and now we can only see these stars that have their children’s initials.

Heidi Klum Tattoos

5. Ana Beatriz Barros

We have this yet another stunning and gorgeous of its kind Brazilian and Victoria’s Secret model. She has too these adorable kind of tattoos. Her first tattoo is on her left ankle. It has the design of a crescent and a star. We can also see this bold tattoo design one on her lower back. It looks much sexy. This sexy tattoo design has the Kanji symbol. Much bold color and an amazing mix of styling have been in this lower back tattoo design. It can be said that whenever you will see this Brazilian and Victoria’s Secret model in the bikini, this bold tattoo will be much more prominent at that time.

Ana Beatriz Barros Tattoos

6. Freja Beha Erichsen

We all know about this hot model, she has been given the title of the most inked model! It is her ability to make her tattoos much classy. When she was 16, she started getting inked her body and till now she has been in this habit! We can see quotes and symbols, lightning bolt and also star on her ribs. We can too see some tattoo designs on her upper right arm and it reads Serendipity is life’, on her right arm, she has written these words this too shall pass!

Supermodels Tattoos

7. Alice Dellal

We have this top model where we can spot on many of the tattoos all bold and edgy on her body. On her right palm, we can see sharks and a pair of scissors. We can too see this upside down skeleton with the skull and also collarbones and the rib cage on the same arm. Letter L has been inked on her right arm middle finger. Her left forearm has also this bird’s skull. We can say that she has this tattoos collection, not wrong to say for her, the queen of the supermodels tattoos!

Alice Dellal Tattoos

8. Gisele Bundchen

She is not at all into these bold tattoo collections, she has this simple ink of Gisele Bundchen. She has a simple star on her left wrist. When she moved in New York, she got this star inked on her body and till now we cannot see any more stars!

Gisele Bundchen Tattoos

9. Carolyn Murphy

Having this boldest and the most meaningful designed tattoo of a Koi fish that has been running from her hip right to her thigh. A symbol of courage has been truly portrayed by this amazing supermodels tattoos.

Carolyn Murphy Tattoos

image source

10. Chanel Iman

The most adorable and simple tattoo which is on the back of her neck, she has her name inked just below the image of this hanger!

Chanel Iman Tattoosimage source

Yes, we have these top ten supermodels tattoos and their tattoo designs are also one of the spectacular one!

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