Designs Of Tattoos For Men And Their Meanings

A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting ink into the epidermal layer of the skin.

Reasons Of Getting Tattoos:

Deciding to get inked may be caused by different factors. Sometimes it is an expression of one’s spiritual views and for others, a symbol of pride for one’s heritage. Generally, they are drawn on the skin to convey messages from the tattooed person. This can vary from signs of harmony, strength, to the love.

Latest and Famous Designs of Tattoos for Men:

Different Scarecrow Tattoo Designs:

The people are inspired by movies for this design of tattoos. People who go for scarecrow tattoos believe that these are living creatures and are totally evil.

designs of tattoos

Evil Scarecrow Topped With Pumpkin Head:

This one manages to pull the really scary look in spite of the addition of the benign looking pumpkin head. This one has a feel of evil spirit.


Leprechaun Standing Guard On Pot Of Gold:

In this design the fierce expression of the leprechaun’s face is probably enough beautiful. This design shows the true essence of the leprechaun.


Leprechaun On Skis Tattoo:

This design shows like the leprechaun is having a gala time on the slopes. Once again the detailed work in this design that goes to show him on the move would need to be really detailed and intricate.


Leprechaun With Beer Mug Tattoo:

In this tattoo design the leprechaun is showing his partying and fun loving side. One can see the clothes he is wearing through the beer mug which makes a powerful visual impact.


Leprechaun Riding On A Beer Keg Tattoo:

This one portrays the side of the leprechaun and the expression on his face confirms his love consuming the drink.  In this design the details of leprechaun sitting on top of the keg looks really good.


Anchor Tattoos:

Originally used by people involved in the business associated with the sea, the anchor is most often loved by sailors, navy, seamen, and other workers always out in the deep blue sea. With the popularity it continues to enjoy, it can now be seen inked on the arms of the rock stars. Popular meanings include safety, salvation and hope.


Angel Tattoos:

This tattoos seen as a representation of spirits that link heaven and Earth, angels are one of the most loved designs for a tattoo. It is regarded as a way of reconnecting one’s self to the spiritual world. Its popularity can be traced by Christianity’s belief in the holy guardians.  Mostly it is consider representing keeper of safety, protector, and guardians.


Bat Tattoos:

These tattoos are originally connected with Native American Indians, it has long been misunderstood to depict fear. This however, has been considered by the natives as a sign of honor. Because of the bat’s ability to see through the dark, a tattoo of this design would mean seeing the truth. Modern society considers it a design that means intuition, objectivity, and journey.


Chain Tattoos:

It is one of the most popular designs chosen by men. Chain tattoos are powerful images that symbolize freedom and bondage. When broken, it means freedom and being relieved from a burden. When connected, it conveys the meaning of being unable to do what was wanted, being enslaved, or imprisoned- physically or emotionally. It also means connections like marriage and friendship.


Cross Tattoos:

One of the most popular designs, its popularity came from the fact that it has different meanings to many people. A variety of this is the Celtic cross with designs that include a knot or loop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life as the belief of the Celtic tribe of Europe. In Christianity a cross symbolizes the cruel way Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice. It’s most known meanings include love, salvation and sacrifice.


Dragon Tattoos:

This is the most popular symbol in Asia, the dragons is a symbol of power. In Chinese belief, this creature is the most powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity. Additionally, it depicts continued success and achievement. It is believed that dragons carry messages pertaining to the feelings of the people. The popular meanings of this tattoo design include strength, power, and ruler of the elements of the earth.


Sword Tattoos:

This tattoo is generally connected with masculinity, bravery and strength. The sword symbolizes purification. As this symbol is traditionally associated with men, it might as well say something about war and power. In Buddhism, the sword is the symbol of a mind that can spot right from wrong, thus, making it a symbol of ending ignorance. People who had this as a tattoo design might as well want to emphasize the importance of justice and honor.


In conclusion I would say that the trend of tattoos for men is still on the top in most of the areas of the world and every symbol of tattoo must contain some meaning so before choosing tattoos one should look deep into its meaning.

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