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Top Ten Female Supermodels Tattoos

Yes, it is a fact that now these days ladies and tattoos go hand in hand, they cannot be separated now. These ladies and tattoos are in each other pockets and it has been viewed that women consider themselves incomplete when their bodies do not have tattoos

Meaningful and Memorable Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Being popular as a celebrity is blessing for many and one of the popular celebrities in America is Christina Aguilera. She is known all around the world by her tremendous singing. Like many other celebrities, Christina Aguilera tattoos are also popular among her fans. There is a

Celebrity Angelina Jolie Tattoos Designs

The famous actress in the western world, Angelina Jolie has the love for tattoos on her body. Angelina Jolie tattoos are inspiring and each of them has meaning for her. She has about a dozen of tattoos on her body and she is experienced in getting them

American Fashion Designer Nicole Richie Tattoos

You must have noticed nowadays there is a trend of tattoos on the body parts. The tattoos can be anywhere on the body depending on your choice but you need to be careful because getting the tattoos can be painful. The design is carved in your body

Stylish Pauley Perrette Tattoos

In our daily life we see so many stars that have different kinds of styles, some of them totally make us their big fans while some of the styles that they have adopted are just too much for us to adopt. Well, talking about those who can

Explore Interesting Rihanna Tattoos

Everyone knows Rihanna around the world because of her singing occupation. She is popular for being the best artist in the western world since so long. Rihanna was born in 1988 which makes her at the age of 26 by now. She is an artist, actress and

Popular Amy Winehouse Tattoos With Unique Designs

Amy Winehouse was a famous singer and songwriter in the UK. She was active from September 1983 – July 2011. Her sudden death was a shock to many people because she was a tremendous singer in the UK. She had broken the records in the Guinness world