Incredible Ideas of Animal Tattoos for Women Body

Women can decorate their body with Tattoo. Any girl can be fond of animals and can express their admiration and affection in the form of tattoos. There is a wide range of animal tattoos for women that you can choose to adorn your body. Women engrave tattoos on their body like an ornament and relate them with their life. These colorful and vibrant tattoos give your personality a new look and appeal. Sometime it’s seen that tattoos with thick curves also look great in a women’s body. It is always about how you carry the tattoo and your style to wear it. Previously tattoo were use as religious symbol, but with evolution of fashions, it has now become a body art and shows the most prominent element in someone life and personality.

Let’s have a look on some famous animal tattoos for women and what meaning they depict.

Famous Animal Tattoos For Women

Some of most famous tattoos that are seen on women are fish, unicorn, butterfly, dolphins, wolf, cat and horses. Many girls also have affection with some vague animals like turtles, snakes and spiders.

1. Butterfly Tattoo

The image of the butterfly is universal and timeless. It is equally popular across the world. It connects with the beautiful and colorful nature of the world. And it also reminds about the depths of imagination of human.

Butterfly Tattoo

Women Butterfly Body Tattoos

2. Dog And Cat Paw Tattoo

You can give tribute to your beloved pet by painting a paw print on your shoulder. This tattoo is usually famous among those people who love and care their pets.

Animal Tattoos for Women

Animal Tattoos for Women

3. Fish Tattoo

Fish tattoo usually looks cute on shoulder and it symbolizes the brave nature, ability to face difficulties and accomplish milestones.

Fish Tattoo

Women Fish Tattoo

4. Wings Of Bird Tattoo

Wings of birds Tattoo is usually impart with high imagination, spiritual implication and motivation.

Wings Of Bird Tattoo

Wings Of Bird Tattoo

5. Bird Tattoo

Bird tattoo depicts the domination of love, boldness and strength to meet any circumstances with your dear ones.

Bird Tattoo

Bird Tattoo on Shoulder

6. Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, ability to handle the odds. Women having the owl tattoos are informed souls.

Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo on Hand

7. Animal Prints Tattoo

A superb design for a tattoo that shows the instinctive and intuitive nature of women is animal prints like leopard or owl.

Animal Prints Tattoo

Animal Prints Tattoo

8. Snake Tattoo

Adapt the snake tattoo to explain the secret and patience of your life.

Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo Design

9. Peacock Tattoo

Peacock tattoo is an exclamation of the versatile nature of women and women bearing the same personality will love to wear this tattoo.

Peacock Tattoo

Peacock Tattoo Idea

10. Wolf Tattoo

If you are cunning and can see at depths of life, then wolf tattoo will be best choice.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos on Back

Areas for Women Tattoo

You can carry the animal tattoos for women at different areas of your body where it looks striking, brilliant and outstanding. Some example is arms, neck, leg, rib cage, foot, ankles, and shoulders.

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