An Exclusive List Of Lady Gaga Body Tattoos

Lady Gaga has fifteen tattoos on the left side of her body. According to her, she got tattoos only on the left side because her father asked her to keep one side of the body a little normal. She calls her left side ‘lggy pop side’ and her right side ‘Marlin Monroe side’. Below is a brief list of lady gaga body tattoos.

Lady Gaga Body Tattoos

  • Treble Clef Tattoo

Her first tattoo was treble clef at lower middle back of her body. This tattoo was a musical note and after in it, she added a large flower beside it. She decorated her body with this tattoo at age of 17.

Lady Gaga Body Tattoos

  • Daisy Tattoo

She got drawing of three daisies on her left shoulders. There is also written ‘Tokyo love’ near these daisies by Nobuyoshi Araki.

Lady Gaga Daisy Tattoo

  • Peace Symbol Tattoo

She gave compliment to John Lennon a supporter of Ani-vietnam war faction by decorating the left wrist with peace symbol.

Lady Gaga Peace Symbol Tattoo

  • Roses Tattoo

Lady Gaga has a large tattoo of roses that spans from her lower back to the left side of waist. This Tattoo was prepared by Kat Von D a famous Tattoo designer. This Tattoo blends with her treble clef tattoo.

Lady Gaga Roses Tattoo

  • German Tattoo

Another tattoo is a text in German language from her favorite writer Rainer Maria Rilke written on her biceps.

Lady Gaga German Tattoo

  • Dad Tattoo

Lady Gaga body tattoos reading ‘DAD’ is on the left side of her shoulder is in honor of her father when he had a open heart surgery. She was afraid of losing him so she also wrote her song “speechless” as a request to have the surgery.

Lady Gaga Dad Tattoo

  • Little Monster Tattoo

Below her German tattoo is written ‘little monster’ which is the name given to her fan foundation. She had this tattoo in 2010 Grammy Awards when she was awarded with two awards.

Lady Gaga Little Monster Tattoo

  • Unicorn Tattoo

 Lady Gaga’s Left thigh is decorated with a unicorn reading “Born This Way” which is also title of her second album. Her song “Born this way” is about accepting uniqueness and never compromising.

Lady Gaga Unicorn Tattoo

  • ArtPop Tattoo

She added another tattoo to her body with text” Art pop” in 2012 that is based on the title of her album. She explains that it is not just title if her album this is actually phrase of her life and career.

Lady Gaga Artpop Tattoo

  • Anchor Tattoo

Lady Gaga exposed an anchor Tattoo on September 2012 on her ribcage. This tattoo is designed by Henk Schiffmacher at Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

Lady Gaga Anchor Tattoo

  • Cherub Tattoo

She got cherub tattoo on the back of her head live at fragrance launch. This tattoo was designed by Michael Mahoney after shaving a triangle shape in her hair.

Lady Gaga Cherub Tattoo

  • RIO Tattoo

 In November 2012 she went to Rio de Janeiro to have “RIO” tattooed on left side of the left ear. She said this tattoo is a tribute to her fans.

Lady Gaga RIO Tattoo

  • Mouse Tattoo

Lady Gaga decorated her elbow with mouse tattoo in 2013 on the nickname of her sister Natali.

Lady Gaga Mouse Tattoo

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